Several different types of photography call to me and I am powerless to resist them. I tend to shoot whatever speaks to me and I am so grateful for the wonder that experience in doing so.

I am an observer of nature – I have such a deep appreciation for the world around us and I try to express that in my Fine Art photography. Here you’ll find a lot of nature and still life photography, along with a very special dog. 😉

I am an observer of Rockabilly life – I shoot retro- and rockabilly-pin up styles. There’s something in their attitudes that makes these sassy girls that much sexier! It’s easy to shoot nudes – and I’ve done that too – but nothing says fun and sexy like a pin up girl!

…Except maybe some sweet hot rods. Whose head DOESN’T turn when one of these beauties drive by!? Sleek, stylish, speaking of a bygone era, and the raw power of their engines! A pinnacle in engineering! So check out my hot rod gallery.

I am an observer of people – I love doing portraits of people. I love sitting down and talking to them, getting an idea of who they are, and taking a photograph that helps to express that. Or maybe just a facet of who they are – I love using the camera to help express the person that is. You’ll find several different types of expressions in my Portrait gallery.

I am an observer of dreams – I love taking pictures that express ideas and moods and that explore our inner world world of imagination. You can see this in my Dreamscapes and Nightmares gallery – these are photographs that express the beauty and horror of what lies in the mind. Some images are not suitable for all audiences.


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