Self Portrait

Hi there! I’m Charlene, owner and sole photographer of Educated Savage Photography. I’m so happy that you’re visiting my site. I love photography – it’s a true passion of mine. The world is such a beautiful and wondrous place that I can’t even comprehend the number of beautiful moments that go un-witnessed and un-documented. I love having the chance to photograph the “everyday” beauty around me. This extends to shooting portraiture – everyone is beautiful and I love to bring out their best qualities. If only other people could see themselves the way I do!

If you’d like to see and learn more about my portraiture, you’re welcome to visit my other site at http://www.educatedsavage.com.

Here, however, you’re going to find things that are a bit on the wilder side of things. Pin ups, hot rods, and horror photography. I’m a little counter culture, a little out there, and a huge horror fan. I have a weird sense of humor. i guess I’m a true artist in that I do photography, graphic design, painting, and belly dance. I guess that’s a bunch of stuff that I’m really passionate about.

So, yes, this will be my wilder side and sometimes even just a personal blog. You’ll see all kinds of things here and I’m happy to have you along for the ride.

Educated Savage –

expresses the concept an idealized indigene, outsider (or “other”), and refers to the literary stock character of the same.


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