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Belly dance self portrait

Me in some of my belly dance costuming – a self portrait for a challenge

So I’ve decided that not only will this be the home of my ‘unconventional’ photography, but it will also be a place for me to talk about all aspects of me as an artist, which includes some personal searching, pondering, question asking, and random updates that I think are vaguely interesting. I hope you are entertained and enjoy it!

Today, I wanted to talk about Belly Dance. I’ve been dancing for… errrr… since I was 18. When I was younger and cuter, I used to dress like a gypsy/hippy and people were always asking if I was a belly dancer – so I decided to take a class and I’m SO grateful for that! I love it so much!

But the last couple years I haven’t been dancing much and, let’s face it, I’ve gained ‘some’ weight. So a few weeks ago I decided that, to help my weight and my sciatica, I’m going to start dancing again. But before I start dancing, I’m going to get myself back in shape by doing Yoga. Right now, I’m putting off yoga.

I know it’s good for me, but I just get frustrated that my body doesn’t move the way that it used to. I feel so gawky, uncoordinated, and ungraceful. I know the only way to get past that is to start moving, but it’s a hard thing to overcome! AND it’s supposed to be 102 degrees today and it’s already 90 degrees outside. SO gross!

But I made a deal with my friend – she’s going to work on her final for her doctorate level class and I’m going to do 45 minutes of yoga. Yup. Any minute now.


I’m going.

For real…..