Ice Maiden By Educated Savage

I’m starting to get antsy about shooting. I hate the summer. It’s so hot and yucky all the time and it’s been so gosh-darned humid all the time. Pretty miserable, all in all, really. So I haven’t been going out to shoot and I’m pretty sure you aren’t interested in all the kitty cat pictures I’ve been taking.

I’ve been brainstorming again. I love creative projects! I especially love fantasy and horror projects, like the one featured here. You can see more in my Dreamscapes and Nightmares gallery. I guess part of me is looking for inspiration. Not that I don’t have ideas, it’s just that I have SO MANY I don’t know where to start – and I’m trying to figure out the “how” part, as well.

I hope you guys are enjoying the summer! I’ve seen some beautiful pictures!